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Honda’s capable middleweight V twin

The VT500FT Ascot shared the same engine as the ‘C’ and ‘E’ models and was also launched in 1983 but had a model life of only 2 years. Although undeniably stylish, the FT found it hard to place itself in a market alongside a sister model of the same capacity the ‘thumper’ FT500 500cc single. Shaft drive and soft suspension limited its sporting credentials and a small tank meant it was hard to consider as a tourer. In the end it took a price reduction to clear backlogged stocks into the US market. Although named after the famous Ascot park raceway it should be stressed that the VT range played no part in Honda’s racing lineup at the time

Wearing my UK eyes in 2014 I love the looks of the Ascot, the only thing that lets it down is the 80’s obsession with square headlights!

For a comprehensive read on the model I can thoroughly recommend the article on the ridermagazine.com website

Also well worth a read, and sourced from a contemporary ‘Cycle’ test is the piece on motorcyclespecs.co.za website.