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Honda’s capable middleweight V twin

In the process of documenting the VT500 and its derivatives I have come across two police forces that have used the VT, both in very different forms.

Garda Honda VT500

One of our Facebook members once mentioned the VT500 being used by the Irish ‘Garda’ ( Republic of Ireland State police force ) as a general patrol bike. I was lucky enough to be sent this photo from one of our contributors.

Lightly equipped with screen and panniers the Garda VT500 looks more suited for for light patrol duties rather than pursuit.

If anyone has any memories or more pictures I’d love to hear from you.

The second Police force was from the other side of the Atlantic to the Garda and a very different beast altogether. Based on the VT500 Shadow and converted by Kosman, who converted Harley Davidsons, we have the VT500 Servicar. These models were in service with Richmond (VA) P.D. The bike on the right was originally on display in the Virginia Fire & Police Museum and saw police service on parades, funerals, crowds, ticketing patrols and downtown traffic and accident calls. I know of one Richmond PD bike that made it to the UK where it is still in use today.

Do you know of any other Police departments that used these VT 3 wheelers?

Honda VT500 Kosman Servicar